Webs.com E-Commerce Website Review

Name: Webs.com

Website: www.webs.com

Price: Package range price from $5.99/month to $22.99/month

Overall Ranking: 7/10



What Webs.com OffersRatings button

With a basic site starting at $5.99 a month, you get the basics of a webpage. You can pick your domain (URL) name, a GB of storage, password protected pages, and your website is mobile adapted. This package offers no email so you will have to “link” to another email address.

Of course if you go up in levels, the highest being ideal (website claim) for online stores (E-Commerce), you will be paying $22.99 per month for your website. The additions to the larger service is that you get more server storage from the host (unlimited), an unlimited amount of items that you can sell on your site, as well as 25 custom emails that you will have on this site (email@yoursite.com as an example).

All the packages offer several themes that you can customize the look of your site with a variety of free graphics and videos as well. Webs.com also offers social media integration, along with a SEO (search engine optimizer) booster.

Webs.com offers technical support through email, support forums, live chat, or over the phone.


What the Advantages Are

Outside of the basic package, you get a easy-to-design website. Their many site themes allow you to customize the colors and the architecture of your site. With the free graphics and videos, you can make your site very attractive to the customer base that you seek to E-Commerce (sell your product) to. You get to pick your unique site address (URL) based on registry availability.

You can put together a website showpiece with ability to sell products and collect payment without issue.

If you have good knowledge in Internet Marketing, this would be a good vehicle to get your E-Commerce site up and running.


What the Disadvantages Are

If you are just starting out with only an idea, there is no training available outside of website construction. What I mean is, there is nothing available for marketing strategy or how to engage the customer you seek.


My Overall Opinion


I have given Webs.com a rating of 7 out of 10 purely based on the fact of how it specifically caters to the E-Commerce field of web-based business. In my opinion, this internet vehicle allows for you to set up your E-Commerce site quickly with an ability to sell your items immediately with not much to spend on start-up.

With many people looking to supplement their income, they will enter into this venture with little to no knowledge or strategy of how to make a web-based business work for them. In most cases, not knowing the little details, or finding out what other business tools that are free to use will discourage the beginning entrepreneur into giving up. There is so much information out there on the internet that you could spend hours and days trying to find the guidance needed to run a successful web-based business. In some cases, desperation may set in to where you fall “prey” to some of these self-proclaimed “Internet Business Marketing Gurus” suck you into subscribing to their “Guaranteed Success Formulas” where you wind up spending a small fortune with little to no return on investment. E-Commerce is truly a money-making arena, but you have to know the steps of how to start and keep up with the business. Unfortunately, this is something where “on-the-job-training” could mire you in debt before you get anything really started.

For the beginning Entrepreneur, you need a starting point as I did. This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. You can try it for free and take the initial training to see if a web-based business is for you. At the same time, if you do decide to continue your quest to be a web-based business owner, you can find out the smallest details about how to run your business with only one monthly subscription fee. Take a look, take the tour, and take the initial training and you’ll see what I mean.

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