Wealthy Affiliate Review – 9/10

When looking to start a website, many of these “so called” website training sites may only offer you the training to get the basic knowledge to start for a subscription price with giving you only a limited amount of tools or no tools at all leaving you to purchase everything needed to start, including a website.

After that, it is come and pay for everything else, and pay you will. There is nothing more discouraging than when you get to a certain level, having to empty your pockets more to advance.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training and websites for free. Is there an upgrade? Yes, but is very affordable at $49 per month. There is absolutely NO forced up-sales for you to keep going and build a profitable website.

Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: $ 0.00 – Starter Membership

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Ranking  – 9 out of 10


What Wealthy Affiliate is All AboutRatings button

Wealthy Affiliate is a entrepreneurial platform that encompasses training, tools, and support for anyone that is looking to create their own business, or give an already established business an internet presence.

It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning with little to no knowledge of websites and internet business, or “tech” savvy; the training that Wealthy Affiliate offers gives you the basic “building blocks” to start your website, but is also continuously updated to keep the “online entrepreneur” up-to-date with the latest information regarding online marketing and strategy.

If you have a question, ask it. There is always someone monitoring the questions that are being asked and answer them quickly.


Want to learn about how to use YouTube to make money? Wealthy Affiliate has lots of FREE training on how to make your own videos, upload them to YouTube, and use them on your website as well.


Learn about how Google will pay you to advertise for them on your website? There is free training to learn how to make Google work for you for FREE and PAY YOU as well.



Do you have no idea about HTML, CSS, or RSS? Neither did I, but Wealthy Affiliate not only has the FREE training to teach you what it is, but also members that are willing to explain it to you further and show you proper examples so you can use it to make your website even better.


Wealthy Affiliate offers a Learn at Your Own Pace program. So you can be comfortable learning and being able to put to work what you have learned as you are learning it.

This is what is available:wealthy-affiliate-home

◊   Getting Started Training

◊   Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training, and Courses

◊   Over 500,000 of helpful community members to answer your questions and help guide you to success

◊   13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms

◊   Live & Interactive Help 24/7


Wealthy Affiliate also offers the tools necessary to get your Online Business going.

These are some of the tools available:

◊   Keyword & Competition Research Tool

◊   WordPress Express (3 click website builder)

◊   Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists

◊   State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)

◊   Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes

◊   Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website

◊   Rapid Writer, your content “friend”


What is the FREE Training?

  • Learning the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its most effective use
  • How to advertise and interact with social media to guide traffic to your website
  • How to write quality content for your readers
  • How to see the performance of your website by using FREE Google Analytics
  • How to design cutting edge graphics making your website look professional
  • How to place commercial ads strategically
  • Learn what the best Affiliate Marketing skills are to make money faster 



What the Advantages Are

With Wealthy Affiliate you can have your own website up in a little as 30 minutes. You can either start your own business or promote a business that you already have.

Upgrading to a Premium Membership is only $19 for the first month and $49 per month thereafter. That’s it! 

For all of the tools and training that you can receive at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a price you can’t beat.


What the Disadvantages Are

The only disadvantage I see is not taking advantage of this opportunity sooner.


My Overall Opinion

Greg-headshotIn my own personal quest to gain the ability to start my own business, I entered into “so called” opportunities that would give me training and point me in the right direction. But I would find these pointed directions would only wind up costing me more money with little or no financial return.

Yes, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate (Seahawk8058), you can find me in there. Out of all of the programs and “home business” start-ups that I have become a part of (and lost a lot of money with) Wealthy Affiliate affords me, and anyone else, opportunity to get a home “internet based” business up and running quickly and continues to provide up-to-date, cutting edge training so that your business can evolve to the level needed to keep your business strong and providing you a desired income stream.


Check it out!

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Comments and Opinions

If you have, or have had experience with Wealthy Affiliate (good or bad), please make a comment below. I welcome success stories, good reviews, bad reviews, and questions as well.

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  1. Wow is this for real. I have heard of people making real money online, but all i see is scams.
    I have even tried a few of these and never made any money and then they are gone.
    Is the training as good as you say it is and how long will this company be around.

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. The program is packed full of ongoing education and information about how to build an online business. One of the things that makes this program stand out from the others is the constant network of community activity and support. I joined about two months ago and have learned a great deal. Don’t go into it thinking you will immediately be rich. It’s not magic – it’s real and takes commitment and patience. I highly recommend it to anyone who is SERIOUS about working at building an online business!

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