Turn Your Passion of being a Mom into Profit

Being a parent is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures that anyone can receive. But we all know that when that first bundle of joy comes into this world, there is no instruction manual that comes with it.



The excited parents, both before and after their joyous bundle arrives, will scan the Internet, go to the library or bookstores, or search the TV
for shows that will give them the best options to assure that their new baby will be safe and well cared for.

No Internet?……No Problem!…………..I think?!?

When my first was born in 1999 (my daughter), the Internet was very much in it’s infancy. So her mother and I burned up several tanks of gasoline with the local “yellow pages” in hand searching for baby stores in the local  and expanded area. This was previous to her birth.

It was my job to get the house “baby-proofed” and find the best constructed furniture for the nursery to ensure not only the safety of our new addition, but longevity and durability. Oh yes! and finding it at a good price.

Since her mother and I decided to go against tradition to where I was going to take on the role of “At-Home Parent,” I really jumped into this head first.

The experience of discovery (what worked and what didn’t) allowed me the knowledge to make things a bit easier when my son was born. Even though I still had many things in place from my first born, I now had to adapt to a boy. I was amazed with how I was able to help so many other newbie parents with the knowledge I had gained.


Sharing Your Experience and Knowledge

Here is where you can turn that passion into profit. In current times, many and most turn to the internet to find information, products, and product reviews.

As you were looking everywhere for the best products or methods, so is every new, and in some cases, experienced Moms (in most cases).

There are many Moms (and Dads) that are looking for specific methods or products that are
aligned with their preferred living styles. I’ll give you a few examples.

  • All-Natural Foods
  • Recyclable or Cotton Diapers
  • Furniture that adapts to your child(ren)’s growth
  • Learning Methods or Styles
  • Clothing Quality (Materials Used)
  • Social Activities
  • Interactive Learning and/or Social Programs
  • Health Remedies (both Medical and Natural)

As you get further along in your pregnancy, you may take parenting and/or Lamaze classes. There will be other Moms and Dads there too. Prior to and after these classes, conversations will happen. The common topic, of course, is parenthood and preparation prior to.

These conversations will consist of what others have done, or have questions of where to find things, and what has already been found. Suggestions of items, websites, and parenting methods will be in abundance. This will continue well after birth in “Mommie and Me” classes, playdates, Preschool, Kindergarten, and so on.

As your parenthood continues, you will find things that work great that are in-line with how you want to raise your child. You will find other parents of the same methods and practices.


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Start Your Website – Start Your Business

Here is where you can write about what you have found and what works. I’m sure that you have heard of “blogging.” Blogging is just another term for writing.

Originally, the term was called “Weblog” referring to a written log or update posted on a website. With time and common usage, it was shortened down to “Blog,” then with action became “Blogging.”

Everyone loves information, many will even pay for a subscription of weekly or monthly information sent to their email, but we will get to that in a bit.

Just like you and everyone else does, they search the Internet for information on a variety of subjects. The information that you have to offer about what you have found that works with raising your happy and healthy child could and will help others in their child raising.

You don’t have to be an acclaimed Author to blog. It has been found that many trust writing in the form of conversation (like you’re just talking to someone in common conversation) rather than paragraphs that are constructed with use of a Thesaurus. It makes the information more comfortable to digest and relate to.

What Subject are You Going to Cover?

With all the information that could be covered in Parenthood, you are probably thinking that there is way too much information to cover to where you would be writing 24/7 for years and not be able to transfer all the information that you have learned being a parent…….You’re right!

This is where you want to pick a “micro-subject” or niche (pronounced “neesh”).

Although your large subject is “parenthood,” you will need to find a smaller subject to cover. This is what is called a niche.

This is an example of a niche:

I wanted to make sure that my daughter was eating natural and healthy foods as she graduated from nursing into solid foods. I wasn’t sure of how to make the foods soft enough or break them down to where digestion would be easy. But after research, I found this method.

I got a two-tray steamer. I would load the trays to the top with fresh vegetables (always the same), and steam them for 45 minutes, or until they were very soft.

Carefully, I would transfer the soft veggies into a blender and pour the water in from the catch tray of the steamer into the blender as well, and turn the blender on it highest speed to liquify them.

Once the veggies were pulverized and in almost a liquid form, I would then pour the veggie mush evenly into ice cube trays. After covering the ice cube trays with plastic wrap or place them in a large ziplock bag, and I would place them in the freezer.

Now being 24 ice cubes in one tray, each ice cube equals one infant serving of approximately two tablespoons or one ounce.

This can be done with any basic vegetable or fruit, except carrots. Carrots have a natural enzyme that a baby can’t digest in their first couple of years and has to be filtered out. That was the only jarred baby food I bought.

Ok, this is where the “rubber meets the road” to where you earn the trust of your readers…

At your grocery store, an average 4-ounce jar a baby food costs approximately $1.88 or $0.47 per ounce or $0.96 per serving.

Fresh Broccoli, depending on where you are (but I’ll use my grocery store prices for reference), is $1.99 per pound. I would usually cut up roughly three pounds with some of the stock included as well. This would give me one ice cube tray, plus a little more. But just for this, we will use one tray for example.

Three pounds of Broccoli will cost $5.97. This will translate into 24-two ounce servings, or $0.13 per ounce taking up only an hour of time and some of the most healthiest baby food.

In addition, you can make combination servings to try and see what baby likes taste-wise as well.

I did this with applesauce using a combination of Red Delicious and Granny Smith. I also added purified water in the blending process to make it a bit smoother.

Giving this type information with cost savings is the information that new parents look for and will keep them returning for more great tips.

This is a prime example of a niche. It falls under “Baby Nutrition” and “Healthy and Cost Effective Methods,” but as you can see that it focuses on a smaller aspect.

With appropriate training, you can learn how to expand on your niche and offer even more information that several many others are seeking.


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How does this make money?

I’m so glad you asked……

This is where Affiliate Marketing comes into play.

With the baby food example that I gave above, there are things needed to complete this task:

  • A good reliable Steamer
  • A Multi-speed Blender
  • Ice Cube Trays

Let’s look at offering your audience a good vegetable steamer……

This is where you sign up for free to be an Amazon Affiliate. After you have set this up, look in their inventory.  Here’s one:


Here is a page direct from Amazon itself. As you can see, there is 370 customer reviews giving it a 4 out of 5 stars at a cost of $39.99. It offers all that you need to make that inexpensive and healthy baby food. You can even go as far as giving it your own review. The next step is placing an affiliate link in your page so your readers can examine this themselves if they choose, or you can place a link into the large example graphic as well.

This is an example of the affiliate link that Amazon offers the code for to place in your page:

The free WordPress website that Wealthy Affiliate offers allows you to place this ad in any fashion you wish. You can either place it alongside your text to the left or right, or you can let it stand alone.

You can do this with a blender that you recommend as well as the icecube trays needed to complete this “At-home parent” task. You can even take it one step further by making an Amazon native ad.

A native ad is a series of items that you can introduce to your page that have relation to your subject.

Here is another example:


With the items you list, Amazon includes a search bar. What this does is places your affiliate identification on this person and whatever they decide to buy from Amazon will give you a 4% commission in the beginning and increase with the more purchases your readers make.


Many More Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Site

Yes, Amazon is not only the program out there. There are several other affiliate programs out there that you can make money from.

You will notice that I have ads that are produced by Google AdSense. I have advertisements from mortgage brokers and from companies that make products to give you a better night’s sleep.

All of these affiliate programs offer a commision percentage or even money for someone just to click on the ad you have on your site (this is known as Pay-per-Click).

Here are just a few of the many affiliate programs that you can join to have the ability to offer several different type services or products on your site:

  • Share a Sale (shareasale.com)
  • Commision Junction (cj.com)
  • Clickbank (clickbank.com)

This is the most common and quickest way to how the money is made for you to have that extra income that will give you the ability to stay at home to raise your bundle, or bundles of joy.


Becoming a “Blogger”-

This is where you can establish yourself and create a following.

I’m sure that you have several reliable sources that you get certain information on that you trust on any particular subject. You might ask your mom or dad about certain life skills, or a particular individual about certain subjects. These people that you ask or gain an opinion on are considered your “trusted sources” for that particular subject.

You can do the same with your website by continually offering “trusted information.”

This is how you establish your authority. When you gain the trust of others, they will come back time after time to see if you have more information that can be relied on.

So when you offer more information that is related to your particular niche, your readers will continue to visit your website for more.

From this you can expand into a monthly newsletter. Subscriptions from this will gain you an email list which is considered “Marketing Gold.”

You can also set up fan pages in any or all of the social media sites to where you can make constant posts directing both old and new traffic to your site.


How Quickly Can You Get This Set Up??

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Please leave your comments below, either good or bad. All are welcomed.

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  1. Being a first time mom shakes up your world and spins you upside down… and the shaking and spinning, while it slows down, never quite stops. You’re never the same person again. Even your job sometimes that you did before kids changes, or your love for it does.
    This is where you and your idea here can come in handy… why not just roll with it and try something new while you’re off on mat leave? Who knows? Maybe your blog will take off and you won’t have to return to your office, but can rather care for your kids from home!? Awesome dream eh?

  2. A well-written article on how to turn passion into profit. You have explained in-depth on the woes of being a mum which I didn’t know that. Follow by explaining in detail on how to start making profit by finding a niche.

    Though I am not a parent yet but could be in a few years time. This information helps to better prepare me in time to come.

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