SparkPay E-Commerce Website Review

NameSpark Pay by Capital One

Price$5.99 per month to $299.00 per month

Overall Ranking: 6/10



What Spark Pay OffersRatings button

This website starter gives you the “everything” storefront website. Spark Pay is pretty much a “brick and mortar” store on the internet with a initial 14-day free trial period.

Here are some of the elements that are offered with this website program:

♦ Landing Page                    ♦ Free Site Themes

♦ Full Feature Site              ♦ Access to Shipping

♦ Email Templates              ♦ Drop Shipping Interface

♦ SEO Tool                              ♦ Social Media Integration

♦ Google Analytics             ♦ Blogs



Spark Pay also offers the ability to sell items in person with the ability to use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop as your”Point of Sale” machine.






There are different levels of websites that SparkPay offers from the casual seller to the heavy seller. Go to for more details on which package would work for you.

In addition, SparkPay offers Free training E-books on how to make your site more profitable.


What the Advantages Are

This is a great platform for the the E-Commerce seller. If you have a few or many items to sell whether you are selling from a drop shipper, full product line, or your own manufactured item, SparkPay has you covered. With having everything at your fingertips to effective marketing. If you run into problems, their help desk is available seven days a week. In addition to the complete E-Commerce website SparkPay offers, being able to sell personally to a customer with their adaptable (use with smartphone, tablet, or laptop) point-of-sale gadget gives you a lot of versatility. 

SparkPay has stepped up to the E-Commerce Entrepreneur, not leaving you in the cold with marketing strategies by offering a line of free E-books to help you along the way.



What the Disadvantages Are

This is not an avenue to take if you are just looking to have your own blog or affiliate marketing website. The training that is offered, from what I see, is to market your E-Commerce site. It does offer a blog, but it is in reference to the products that you are trying to sell.


My Overall Opinion

Greg-headshotI have given SparkPay an overall rating of 6 out of 10. This is a rating based solely on the idea of a beginner going into a web-based business. This would be an E-Commerce web platform for the experienced E-Commerce Entrepreneur. This is a web-building site that could become overwhelming to the novice and leave to much confusion in which direction to go, in which winding up paying for more than you actually need.

With that being said, on the flip side, SparkPay is an incredible website platform for opening up a web-based store. All of its training is geared toward marketing your items. If you are looking to start a blog or affiliate marketing website, this may be an expensive route to take.

If you plan to utilize dropshipping or any other form of product sales (if you are an associate of Avon, Herbalife, Amway, or some other organization like that) this could very well be the leap that you want to take to really be noticed in the E-Commerce arena.

Again, the web-based business beginner has much to learn and continue learning to become successful. Click here to find out what I mean.


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