Shopify E-Commerce Website Review



Price: 14-Day Free Trial then $29 – $79 – $299 per month depending on desired package

Overall Ranking: 8/10



What is Shopify All AboutRatings button  is a E-Commerce website building platform that has so many offerings for you to start a web store.

Here are some of the offerings:

♦ Free 14-day trial

♦ 100 website templates

♦ Mobile Commerce Ready

♦ Blogging platform

♦ Several different payment gateways

♦ Automatic shipping and tax rates

♦ Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Integreation

♦ Unlimited Bandwidth, 99.99% up time, and 24/7 customer service

♦ Free Tools: Logo Maker, Business Name Generator, Business Card Maker, just to name a few.

Shopify offers a huge array of tools for the E-Commerce Entrepreneur to not only sell from a website, but can also sell in person without any problem with Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions.


What Are the Advantages

The platform that Shopify offers covers everything but giving you the products to sell. Just the offerings and tools they offer is fantastic. In addition, their customer service is always available with a very reliable system “up time” so that you know your website is going 24/7. If you were to keep inventory on-hand, you could easily sell in person using your website as your cash register via a smartphone or tablet.


What Are the Disadvantages

Again, same story. This is an E-Commerce website platform, therefore it is the only dynamic it offers. Any and all assistance or training is solely based on E-Commerce.


My Overall Opinion

Greg-headshotOut of all of the E-Commerce sites that I have reviewed, this is far the best one. I rated it an 8 out of 10 just on the tools and web builders that it offers. If I was to set up a store, this would definitely be the one I would go with. You can start with the 14-day FREE trial, then move onto the $29 per month package. If you need more, you can upgrade with no up-sale. The customer service line will help you with what you need for what you want to do. Shopify also offers one-on-one contact for website design, marketing, and branding.

Like I have said before, this is a single dynamic web-based business. All tools and training is geared toward the E-Commerce angle. So if you want to be able to branch into something different that offers all around training and free website, click here.


If you have any experience with or have any comments about this review, please feel free to share them.
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