Profitable “Play Dates” for Parents Working At Home

Play dates, “Mommy and Me”, and organized community child activities can serve as both a
“research forum” and a “quasi-marketing forum” granting you an ability to make a living working from home.

When children reach that age of where we have start considering their introduction into a social atmosphere, we look to our local organized community center or YMCA for “Mommie and Me” classes.

This is usually the start of when we need to get a detailed calendar to “book” all of the impending play dates with all of the other kids and their parents to ensure the social development of our children, as well as, starting that all-important mommie network to create a new friend base to where many resources can come to the ready.

I personally became an at-home parent when my daughter was born (17 years prior). When I entered into this phase of her life, organization was key. Trying to make sure that everything was planned out so she could see the friends that she had gained on a regular basis, especially when she started Preschool. In addition, to make sure adequate time was made for naps, meals, and……….oh yeah, keeping a house as well.

As the play dates became as regular as the days of the week, the group of parents that I became involved was always growing. There is always a constant scheduling in other classes or activities that my daughter would want to attend or ones to further her growth where I would get to meet more parents, and sometimes grandparents.

In the beginning years, one of the many things you can plan on when becoming a full-time parent, is your desire for a conversation consisting of more than the use of one-syllable words will almost reach certain desperation.

Conversation Can Double as Market Research

When talking with the other moms and dads, of course the primary topic was our children. Ok, when I would talk to the dads, usually sports was first. I’m not going to lie.

But what was mainly discussed was items that we found that aided in parenthood (we all know that there was no instruction manual issued at birth).

We would talk about instructional toys, pediatricians, healthy snacks that our kids actually liked, upcoming sales to where we could stock up on next season’s clothing for cheap, and where the best places were to get certain items.

Now, you are probably thinking, why I didn’t use the internet back then to find these things? Well, this is back in the early 2000’s and dial-up internet was a big expense, and the cutting edge in cellular technology was the flip-phone.

If I remember correctly, Facebook was barely in its infancy and most of us were clueless of what it was.

So back in my day, having a social network was meeting moms and dads at the play area in the local mall or the local fast-food joint that had a safe play area.

Now enter in smartphones and tablets; Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and all of the other social networks. So now when you meet someone, there is a whole other “social network” at hand.

Again, referring back in the day, word-of-mouth was very powerful. Moms would share recipes, stain cleaning tips, and experiences they would have with certain baby products. In some cases, some of the same moms would go into a small business for themselves making some type of product related to parenting or home convenience. I would get invitations to Tupperware parties or overhear other moms talking about Avon or Mary Kay parties as well.

This was the popular thing to do in trying to start a home-based business. Some were very successful at it as well.

Enter in Modern Technology

The smartphone and tablet have now replaced the newspaper and the need to carry paper and pen. Mostly everyone is connected to some form of social media with a list of friends, usually counted in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Rather than explaining in words, we can snap an instant picture for first hand reference to others and ourselves with ease and in little time. Therefore, information to all is only a second away with focused attention.

Here is where your home business can blossom via use of the internet. 

Your ideas or passions can be placed on a platform for all to see. Rather than jotting notes down for your fellow mom or dad while trying to explain the latest and greatest method or product you found to ease the job of parenthood, you can easily say, “Here, look at my website.”

Just with that, you told one person and showed them what you have to offer and they are impressed.

The natural human instinct of when one finds something impressive, they want to share. Enter in social media.

Unlike the old days of when I was a at-home parent, when I told someone something they were impressed with, they would tell a “hand-full” of friends. Now, if they decide to post something on their social media………..BOOM!

Will everyone be as impressed as the person that you told? Not really, but the word will get out. You might just have other bits of information on your site that will be more interesting, or have offers on your site that might catch the eye of some that are randomly looking at your site because they saw the post on their friends’ social media page. This is how the popularity of a website is born giving you the “launchpad” needed to start a successful business.

Home-Based Business Success is Within Your Grasp

This is how the new home-based business model works. Many have succeeded from it, including myself. Even though I came to it a little later, it still works.

Read my post, “Turn Your Passion of being a Mom into Profit” for an example.

Just to give you a small idea, on a big scale; I came across this article on “small biz trends” website. This article talks about 21 successful moms from becoming home entrepreneurs. Take a look.

Just the smallest idea or problem remedy can provide a successful income. It really doesn’t matter of what your previous career field was, or the level of education that you have.

Just remember, you don’t have to be a “salesperson” to have a successful web-based business.

There are many successful websites that just offer information and tips on a variety of subjects that have gained large followings to where just placing advertisements and product recommendations created healthy income streams.

Having a Budget is the First Key to Unlock Success

You already know how much of your income goes toward raising your child. It’s not cheap.

I’m sure you have heard that when you attempt to start a business that it is always a standard to have “starting capital” or “ready funds” when starting a business. Usually the first thought is you need thousands of dollars for a kick start. This is not true in this day and age.

You will find many programs on the internet that promise quick success and profitability for a price of an incomplete program. What do I mean?  

Most will offer training in the form of webinars, online classes, and demonstrations. Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s value (I gained a lot from it), but when it comes to the tools and the trade itself, you have to purchase these things separately. This is where it run up the costs to where you can easily dig a financial hole that will kill any dream of working for yourself.

There is much training offered that is FREE. There are internet sites out there
that offer FREE websites and will teach you how to build them.



Okay, just from what I have told you at this point, you may be thinking “Great! but where do I find the time to look all of this up?”



Remember, I was an at-home parent as well and I know that time is not something as parents with little ones have. At most, we may have an hour or two. In some cases more if we have help from the other parent or family.

This is when the old “one-stop shop” is our greatest friend to where time can be used effectively to shorten the distance from business dream……………. to business reality.

Finding a program that will, in one place, give you the tools, training, and continuous support needed to get your business up and running in “real-time” rather than in stages could be assumed to cost a small fortune. Especially for one that has little to no knowledge or experience.

You might be thinking that you don’t have the ability to fit it into your schedule or that you don’t have the money.

What if I told you of a training and business starting package that you can do at your own pace, your own schedule, the capability to “earn while you learn,” and all of it available to you for FREE!

Read my Review Article on Wealthy Affiliate

Well there is! It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform was created by Kyle and Carson, two young Internet Marketers that wanted to share their knowledge and experience, in addition to making a forum to where “newbies” could learn quickly and generate an income using the internet at little expense as possible.


This is what it offers:

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