Nerium is Making Their Mark in the Direct Selling Market

Many moms are looking for the the perfect avenue or vehicle to gain the ability to be the “Stay at Home Mom” but aren’t sure just how to do it. There are many offers out there in “Internetland” that offer overnight riches. But, when it comes to business or owning your own business, becoming rich overnight just is not true.

Finding a “niche” that can provide a business platform that you can grow from is where you must start.

One should be in search of a program that not only offers a reputable product, but professional training and support to guide and help develop knowledge and know-how of building and expanding a business to not only promote sustainability, but also gain multiple streams of income for continued success.

If you enjoy sharing with friends, family, and are a social butterfly at heart, the business model that Nerium offers can aid you in starting your own business slowly and growing into however large you want. This just may be the opportunity for you.


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Nerium International has taken the anti-aging market by storm.

According to Direct Selling News, Nerium is ranked 28th in the North American Direct Selling Market and ranked 38th Globally.

Just last year, Nerium recorded $516 Million in sales with only being in business for 5 years.



Watch the Video from an ABC Affiliate Investigation Report to see how Nerium works.



There are Legitimate Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities

You can tell the legit MLM’s by how long they have been around. Avon, Mary-Kay, Tupperware, Herbalife, and the largest one being Amway.

Have they had their problems? Indeed they have. But look, they are still around and very strong by correcting problems and re-inventing themselves to retain their independent representatives.

Many get into this type of business venture thinking that it will sell itself making money without working for it. This is just like any other business venture, you get out of it what you put in
to it.

But the most important thing to getting into a business like this (see my article “Is Multi-Level Marketing a Big Scam) is to believe in the product and the fellow persons within this business dynamic.

I’m sure that you have seen the “Mary-Kay” vehicles out and about when you are driving around town. This is proof that hard work pays off. Nerium offers the same with their Lexus Award Program.

Nerium is doing it right. They have the scientific and medical results proving the value of the products they offer. In the same token, the products target “anti-aging” and nothing else.

Therefore, the quality is better due to product focus.


This is what Direct Selling News had to say about Nerium:

Another key ingredient is the role of third-party evaluators, such as ST&T Research
in San Francisco. This firm recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the impact of NeriumAD™ by using a face-mapping technology to gauge the impact of the products on reducing the signs of aging on skin; this same technology was originally used to detect imperfections in microchips.

ST&T Research in San Francisco found in its study that NeriumAD™ delivered an average 30 percent reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging within 30 days.

The result was a rigorous scientific study that proved that NeriumAD™ delivered an average 30 percent reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging within 30 days. In decades of research and testing, ST&T had never seen results of this magnitude. These results were also confirmed by a third-party plastic surgeon, who reviewed the results of ST&T’s tests and gave positive reviews to NeriumAD™. The company is so confident in its results that it has even posted videos on its website to present them along with a public Facebook page that allows any of Nerium International’s customers to post their own before-and-after photos.

-Courtesy of Direct Selling News Article “Nerium International: Real Ingredients for Success” by Jeremy Gregg


Can you be Successful?

Absolutely, the Anti-Aging market is growing in leaps and bounds. Many of the middle aged are looking to prove that being in your 50’s is the new 30’s.

Many of the same are buying gym memberships, being more active, and staying healthier. Now they want to look
that way as well.

Here’s proof:

According to the Article Posted on (1/1/2017)

Anti-aging Market- Global Industry Analysis, Trends, Size, Forecast 2013 – 2019 

The anti-aging market is poised to exhibit a healthy CAGR of 7.8% between 2013 and 2019, increasing from US$122.3 billion in 2013 to US$191.7 billion by 2019.

Baby Boomers – which comprise individuals born between 1946 and 1964, account for 44% of the U.S. population, and hold 70% of the disposable income – are aging, and are thus observed to be the major target for the anti-aging industry.

Anti-aging includes processes and medication intended to delay, retard, or stop the aging process. Aging happens due to a series of biochemical processes in the body that makes an impact both internally and externally. These processes lead to degeneration over a period, affecting the health, beauty, and fitness of an aging individual.

Baby boomers and Generation X are regarded as the most informed and lucrative customer groups for the anti-aging market; while members of the former are above 50 years of age and are investing more on anti-aging products to delay or mask signs of aging, members of the latter age group have reached their forties and are concentrating on investing on anti-aging services to maintain their looks.

By revenue, the products segment leads the global anti-aging market, followed by services and devices. Anti-aging products are popular, as they can be purchased over the counter or with prescription and are affordable in comparison to anti-aging services and devices. Product innovation and technological development, along with enhanced efficacy and safety, are considered to be the major factors responsible for growth of the products segment of the market.

By geography, North America dominates the global anti-aging market, due to elevated awareness about signs of aging, rise in obesity, and prevalence of an inactive lifestyle. In this region, anti-aging products and services are more mature segments than devices, but demand for anti-aging devices for personal use is accentuating in the regional market.

A strong market like this offers one of the better opportunities for anyone to start a business and learn as they earn.


Nerium Sets Itself Apart From The Rest

You might be thinking that Nerium is just like the others in this MLM market with additional thoughts of a scam just soon to appear. That thought process is certainly understandable and well-warranted due to the many Multi-Level Marketing companies that are out there that have become proven scams. But, Nerium has definitely blazed a trail, but by staying within the anti-aging market without attempts of largely expanding their product line to what one could consider overwhelming.

Through my research and personal experience in MLM’s, I have never seen a more vocal CEO like Jeff Olsen. You would think that he would spend the majority of his time pushing his company and his product, but rather pushes for the individual success for others.


Just to give you an idea of how he shares his success, here are some of his article contributions that he has made to Entrepreneur Magazine’s website:

 Success in Life is Not a Clickable Link

The Smartest Long-Term Investment is You

Let Go of the Fallacy of Quantum Leap Success

To Be Your Best, Choose Your Heroes and Learn From a Mentor


Jeff has also incorporated this thought process into Nerium. How so?

Jeff has always made himself available to everyone in Nerium for the sole purpose of teaching and helping others with success and happiness. He feels that success and happiness is for all and is more than willing to lead you down this path.

When you become a Brand Partner, you are placed in training. Furthermore, the Brand Partner that you sign under becomes your mentor. But it doesn’t end there, the ones that are above your mentor offer aid as well. So the support network is endless and there to aid in your success.

Along with a fantastic product to promote, you are taught how to be fantastic businessperson.


Want to Take a Look?

CLICK HERE for Nerium Video Search

With no obligation, you can get information on Nerium and their products. Every Brand Partner lists on social media and YouTube. All of them show the results of their anti-aging products.

Don’t just leave it to the information that I have provided, Take a look at YouTube yourself.

You will find good reviews and you will find reviews calling Nerium a scam. This is where you get the opportunity to decide between fact or fiction. But it also gives you an ability to make an informed decision.


Want Your Questions Answered?

Nerium International Brand Director Marian Acon with her husband Herman

In my post, “An Opportunity In The Anti-Aging Market,” I have a Q & A with Nerium Brand Director Marian Acon.

My questions were based on her experience and success with Nerium and the Nerium anti-aging product line.

If you have any other questions for Marian, you can be directed to her personal Nerium website and pose any question concerning becoming a “Brand Partner” and be quickly answered. Click Here to go to Marian’s Website.


In Closing

Because of my experience with Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies, I have kept close watch to warn unsuspecting parents, both new and experienced who want the ability to set their own schedules to be able to spend more time with their families and not miss those important timeline milestones their children accomplish.

It truly breaks my heart to hear of stories of families that invest huge amounts of money into a business venture to achieve this status to only be brought to financial ruin by the hands of scam artist.

This is why I do what I do. I want to make sure that I find the “safe” gateways for families to achieve that dream of  web-based, or at-home business.

From what I have seen so far, Nerium is staying true to its nature. I have personally talked to a few Brand Partners and never got the feeling of being in the presence of “used car salesman” trying to sell me a lemon.

If you find something good or bad………..Give me a Comment Below. I will am more than happy to answer and research when needed.

I am not paid or compensated for the reviews that I do so I can remain unbiased to provide all who visit True Web Careers information on starting a web-based or home-based business without being scammed.

Please leave your comments below, either good or bad. All are welcomed. is on Facebook…..Visit the fan page and give a like and share it with your friends.





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