Motivation: A Prime Energy That Must Always Be Recharged

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The general psychology of human motivation is to activate the “pleasure center” of our brains.

It releases the “good feelings” that we continually crave throughout the day, week, month, year, and life in general.

This is why we do many of the things that we do in our life. We are competitive to feel the thrill of victory. We work and save to go on great vacations to relax and have fun. We buy items to support our favorite hobby to continue with having fun. This, of course, is a constant motivation in our lives that is always there with the ends to justify the means. 

These are goals that are continually satisfied and are a mainstay in our lives.

This type motivation is a normal part of life. It is commonplace and could be assumed as taken for granted due to an ability of that we can all do something toward these short-term goals that can be classified as instant gratification.

In many cases, when we think of taking something for granted, it has a negative assumption. This is not one of them.

This is just a recognition of our behavior.


Has Instant Gratification Halted Our Abilities to Self-Motivate in the Long Term?

Personally, I would say that it hasn’t come to a halt, but more of a very steep hill to climb.

I have found myself willing to settle for the small victories to pat myself on the back in some cases where it is a detriment to the bigger picture.

“I got the lawn mowed!” 

“Now what are you going to do about the loose grass that needs to be cleaned up?”

“Hey! I got the lawn mowed! Yeah Me!!” 

This is a small victory, but the larger goal has not been achieved…….I’m so guilty of this type scenario from time to time.

When we embark on certain journeys of achievement, it can be anything that has a certain goal of accomplishment.

We hit roadblocks, speed bumps, and complications slowing us down.

When we encounter difficulty during the travels of reaching long-term goals, how do we continue to dredge through all the necessary steps to reach the nirvana we truly seek?

first goals


Some long-term goals examples:

Getting your college degree

Buying your first brand-new car

Buying your first home



With these simple, but long-term goals, you continue to motivate yourself and remove distraction in reaching these accomplishments. You don’t settle, you get what you want with the thought that nothing will stop you. 

Sure, there are times when that self-defeatist thought process comes into mind forcing you to think that you will never make it or “What’s the use!?!”

Then you would sit back for a moment, or take a nap, or watch TV just enough to allow your brain to shut down for a bit and reset, and Voila! You get that motivation back and you get back to work.

As mentioned before, we are motivated to activate the “pleasure center” of our brains. Now, if you can remember back to something simple…….like your high school graduation. Remember that feeling?

Thirteen years of required school is DONE!!!!!    What a feeling of accomplishment that was!

You felt alive, relieved, accomplished, thrilled, and you never have to see that jerk of a teacher ever again!!!!


Starting and Running a Business Needs Constant Motivation

To coin the phrase:

If it was easy, everyone would do it!

Being an entrepreneur is a big undertaking. We aren’t born with the ability to start and run a business, just like we weren’t born with the natural ability to ride a bike.

This is a learned skill. As with any specific skill, you need to learn and practice to get it right. It can be easier for some and harder for others.

But there has to be a constant motivation to continue and succeed. This motivational energy must be constantly recharged.

In most cases, we cannot rely on ourselves to keep this energy recharged. Some will use motivational books, attend motivational seminars, or join groups of like-minded others that aid in re-charging each other.

Are there some that can do this on their own? Absolutely.

But think of how many times you have gone back to a parent or friend to ask for help. Whether it be on how to do something or to see if you are doing something right or wrong. We all have done that. The fear of failure can be overwhelming at times. When that fear is what you think about most, is when you know your motivation is at its lowest and is in desperate need of being recharged.

This is usually when, if we try to tap into that empty motivation “tank” to try to self-motivate, walking away and admitting failure sometimes becomes the result.


Groups of Like Minds Recharge Each Other

Many entrepreneurs and business people join clubs or groups that meet on a monthly basis. These like-minded people get together to share ideas, thoughts, and seek constructive criticism on how
and what they are doing with their business. Many of these business people and entrepreneurs are of the “brick and mortar” type.

In the world of the internet, many will join social media groups that can be found on Facebook or Linkedin. Some will join forums with real time messaging for instant response to questions, concerns, or compliments.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting, or you’re a seasoned businessperson, being a part of group helps to keep you on track, focused and motivated.



Education is the Motivation Starting Point

There are many of us that think that education is found in only traditional ways.

We think about the costs of going back to school, waiting in lines to sign up for classes, waiting in more lines to buy those expensive textbooks, and sitting in a classroom listing to lectures while downing energy drinks to keep us awake. Just the thought of it can drain your motivation.

Nowadays, you can experience real-time learning that you can apply instantly. 

Yes, there are many web-based business building educational platforms available on the internet. But, to find one can be time consuming, and some can be quite costly offering only the education and not the tools needed to get a business off and running in immediate pace.

Some state they offer the support to answer any and all questions, but later find that your answers are not delivered to you immediately, it’s more like days. 

With the fast pace of internet business, you need answers and guidance quick. You need to have information to all aspects of the internet and its secrets ready at your fingertips.

You need to have all of this available without having to max out your credit card in hopes that you will be able to make the payments as well.

There is one easy solution……….Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate not only offers a fantastic education on how to start a web-based business for types like:


⇒Affiliate Marketing

⇒Hobby Enthusiast

⇒Info Blog

When you learn something new, it is very exciting to put it to work immediately. This is the platform that allows that and motivates you to do more.

While doing all of the background work, or the “not so exciting” things necessary to keep our businesses running, it tends to drain that needed motivation to keep us going. The community within Wealthy Affiliate is always publishing and posting articles to help keep that motivation going. We not only do it for the benefit of others, but ourselves as well.

I have done this myself. Believe me it helps!….. you are more than welcome to read some of the articles that I have written just CLICK HERE.

The other element that assists in getting my motivation rejuvenated is when many of the other Wealthy Affiliate community member comment on my posts and share similar feelings, or give their personal thanks for helping re-kindle that motivational fire that had settled to embers.

Being our own support group really aids in each others success.


My Overall Opinion

Greg-headshotMany will profess of being a guru, or even an authority of what they do or how they motivate themselves and others. I look at myself and know what works for me, and sometimes it can and will help others. We all look for information to aid in any and all things we do. I just want to help others with their search.

What I can stand on is the fact of being experienced. As we are all unique, we can have similar life methods or sources that we “tap” to gain what we need to get where we want to.

Personally, I suggest that you find the one that works for you specifically. In my search, trying many at varying expense, I needed not only to find where I could be taught the necessary elements of running my own business, but to also continue and make it strong. But, while in the meantime, when I hit those bumps or complications of where I felt that I couldn’t understand a process or philosophy, I needed to have a resource to where I could go to get back on track.

At the same time, where that I felt I was getting nowhere, needing that “poke or prod” of reassurance that I could do it, that element was there for me as well.

The community within Wealthy Affiliate provides that for me. This business minded community keeps growing in leaps and bounds. Regardless if you are at the starting point of your business endeavor or have had your own website for a while, there is a place for you there.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate in the beginning, I could try it out for free and become a free member. So I did.

When I saw what if offered I was amazed. The training is incredible, the free tools was, I felt, one of the bigger selling points, and the community within is more than spectacular. I didn’t hesitate to become a member after a week.

I invite you to take a FREE look and see if you see the same things I saw.

If you ever wanted to work for yourself, this is one of the best ways to go!


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Please feel free to make comments or share your experiences below. All comments are welcomed.

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