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Greg-headshotI have tried so many “home business” programs, both legit and being scammed, and gained so much experience. But not experience just by opting into these “business opportunities,” I would go into them with full force wanting to learn everything that I could.

In many cases, I would learn more than I really wanted to know. I would see what the true “business model” was, or figure what the “dirty little secret” was of all the others that professed their success. There were some that I would find out I just wasn’t the type of personality that could succeed in some of these work-at-home opportunities.

For example, there are people that are very successful in the medical field when others can’t stand the sight of blood. There is a business that is suited for some of us, but there are some that just aren’t suited to run a business of their own and that’s fine too.

The reason I am telling you this before I give you the insights to my rating system is that not every business opportunity is a scam. The illegal ones promising you overnight riches…they’re scams!

I make sure to give each opportunity fair evaluation and rate it as such. Now, you will never see me rate anything a ten out of ten. Rating something a 10 would make it perfect, and of course we know there is nothing that is perfect. It may be perfect for someone, but not someone else.

OK……. Here is my rating system. I will break them down into elements.


Initial Price and Start-Up Fees

I would say this is the most influential to my rating. I have paid out in upwards of $1000 for a start-up fee and later found out there were going to be more fees before I even saw any revenue or profit.

In addition, the higher the cost, the longer you can plan on any return on investment (ROI). So I’m really skeptical on “home-based businesses” with a large up front cost or “investment” and look between the lines to find what’s coming down the road.

Yes, there are legitimate businesses that you can start that do have start-up fees that you could consider “high,” but usually those are for ones that have some money to “play with,” I look at the opportunities for the common person that $100 means a lot to.


Realistic Expectation

If the “business opportunity” states anything about expecting profits inside a 30-day window is going to be rated low at the beginning.

If you are working a regular job and trying to start your business in your spare time, this will lengthen the time that you are actually be able to get to the point of where the “rubber meets the road.” Legitimately, allowing time for learning, getting all the pieces put into place, and all of the other elements of your business in order will take time.

When you are doing this in spare time when you are not working, doing house chores, taking care of your family, well…….. you get what I mean. It could take a few months to get a business started just from the time you are able to spend on it.

This is realistic expectation.


Market and Field Competition

In many cases, competition is a good thing. It allows you to see what others are doing to be successful. In addition, it can give insight of who is exactly in that field and whether or not a “small
fish” has any chance of growth in a “big pond.”

Some niche markets are saturated with larger companies that have teams that are specifically tasked with working to gain the larger market share. In this case, you would really have to put a lot of time and effort to attempt to gain anything.

This doesn’t disallow you from coming in with an idea that others haven’t and having a successful result.

Mainly, the point of view that I take in this part of my rating is the one of someone just starting out with little to no experience or knowledge of how to start this kind of business. Lack of this can make this type of venture overwhelming and make a starting entrepreneur feel that success is impossible.

I truly want to prevent that.


Support and Customer Service

A program that offers a “work at home” opportunity must offer some type of support to where questions can be asked and answered in a timely fashion. If someone gets “stuck” in the progression of forwarding their business, answers need to be in immediate ready so progress can continue.

If good support or customer service is not available, my rating will reflect that as well.


Trial Period or Money Back Guarantee

If whomever is offering a “successful” business opportunity needs to back it up.

Without offering a trial period, it’s like buying a car without “test driving” it first. On the same note, if the offer is reputable, a 30, 60, or 90 day money-back guarantee needs to be

If this is not offered, I don’t bother to rate it. Nor do I offer to post it as an opportunity. I would write it off as a SCAM!!



Now here’s where I put a microscope into place.

You may see offers with a huge number of positive testimonials endorsing a particular “business opportunity” program.

I look a little closer. If they are blog comments, I look to see if there is an actual face with the comment. Many times I will see pictures or graphics along side of the comments. I understand where people protect themselves through anonymity, but it causes me to look at the individual comments themselves to see how they are written to find copied patterns of writing styles to challenge the legitimacy of the comments.

The ones I question the most are comments made on programs that offer no way of getting your money back if you are unsatisfied.


That is how I have established my ratings

I have given you the breakdown of how I look at different business opportunities and rate them here at

Now there is another purpose to my explanation….. to teach you how to rate these programs.

With this type of information, you are now armed with knowledge of how to protect yourself from being scammed or gaining an understanding of whether or not a certain “business opportunity” is suited for you.

Keep this saying in the back of your mind when you are selecting your niche in your quest for staring your own business:

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day of your life!”

Always embark on something you love or have passion for. There are so many internet surfers out there at any given time that have the same likes, loves, or passions the same as you. That is where you can gain success.



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