How to Start an E-Commerce Business

The basic idea of a E-Commerce business website is to create an online store. I’m sure that you have used one. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, just to name a few to give you the idea. This platform can be easily created. The hard part is finding your customer.

The E-Commerce market is at roughly $200 billion and growing at approximately 17% each year.

Just to put things into perspective, there are more than three billion people on the Internet at any given time. That is a large audience.

How to Start Your Thought Process


Take a look at this video from Entrepreneur Magazine about how to start your business.


What Can You Sell?

You can sell anything. You can either sell something that is trending, or cater to a niche. You can even scale down to a micro-niche.

What’s a micro-niche?  Let me give you an example:

A large market would be, lets take something simple, the skateboard market. There are many people out there on skateboards so it would seem quite intimidating to attempt selling to this market with all of the “big boy” manufactures out there.

This is hypothetical to show you my point.

You are just passionate about skateboards. You’ve ridden them all of your life. You would rather be at a skate park than any other place.

Now the passion is established.

Now we are going to find the niche. A skateboard is manufactured with many different pieces:

You may be able to find a unique part that may enhance the performance, ease of use, or even the cosmetic look.

So for the sake of example, let’s take the griptape. 

Now you have niched it down.

You found a way to make griptape a certain way into shapes and colors that is appealing to teenage girls that love skateboarding.

Now it’s micro-niched!


This form of marketing has allowed many to get into this type of business and gain the ability to grow and expand.


How Are You Going To Sell it?

This is where the we open the Tool Box.

♦You need a website

♦You need to build your website

♦You need to put quality content in your website

♦You need to market to get “traffic” to your website

♦You need to use the “ins and outs” of Search Engine Ranking

♦You need to leverage Social Media to get “traffic” to your website




Now Lets Get a Website

You have several ways to choose a website. There are many that offer a complete website.

Packages ranging from $5.99 to $22.99 per month.

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Packages ranging from $39 to $299.00 per month.

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Packages ranging from $29 to $299.00 per month

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Free Website $0.00

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Now some training is needed

Many of the website-building platforms offer some sort of training as it’s geared to a specific point-of-view, or the person that put the training together for that particular website-building platform.

It is always good to find a multi-level training resource that also offers mentoring and different points of views. As well as a training provider that keeps up-to-date with the every evolving internet and shifting trends of the internet surfer. In many cases, I have found the posting dates on some of the training that I have taken would be in upwards of a year old. Understanding the basics will lay the foundation for starting your career on the internet, but at the same time you want to keep updated with what is going on now.

There are always new technologies, algorithms, and features in relation to important elements of running a successful business:

♦ Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

♦ Generating Content to keep surfers coming back to you site

♦ Marketing (Paid and Free) on Social Media

♦ Website building that’s more attractive to Google Ranking

♦ Networking with Suppliers/Business Partners

♦ Instant Website Feedback

♦ How to generate traffic to your website (organic and directed)

♦ and so much more 

Some of the best training from some of the best web-based entrepreneurs is available at Wealthy Affiliate. Take a look at the “Getting Started” initial training.

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Now Let Get Things Going!

Now you can start your incredible journey on to having your web-based business well on your way to financial freedom.

To get started with your 7-day free trial, click on the Wealthy Affiliate logo and just fill out your information on the screen and start your training. 


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