How to Detect a Possible Scam

scam-artist-cartoonThe Scams Will Always Be Out There

Many people, like you and myself, want to bring in an extra income or start up our own businesses. We hear about all of these stories of others, young and old, striking a goldmine with a single idea on the internet. The story usually includes that the new found millionaire found their riches practically overnight, now they are set for life.


The scammers are looking for you and promise instant riches to lure you in and take your money without a second thought.


There is a new one out there every minute. In many cases, they use the same idea, present it in the same way, but only change the product or service name so they can continue on scamming.

They will sell you software that you can install on a website to set on “auto pilot” to rake in hundreds of dollars daily.I don’t think so.

They will make 20 minute videos of how they came from rags to riches by using a certain product. They show them sitting in their extravagant homes or driving an expensive car swearing that you can do the same thing. But they never show the product before they get your credit card first. “We will let you in on how you can make thousands of dollars by tomorrow if you pay an administrative fee of only (place the amount here)”, being something that I have heard and fell for a few times.

Don’t feel bad if you have fallen for this, I have too. I would always think that the next one was honestly going to be what whomever said it was going to be. Especially when they would show a “screen shot” of their huge balance bank account.  I wanted that too. Well, the only ones that are going to get rich are the scammers themselves.


Some Things to Look For to Alert You


These scammers will attempt to protect themselves legally by using a disclaimer at the bottom of the page, or on a different web page within the site altogether.

I’ve seen some that will protect themselves by saying “Only 4% will be successful due to personal achievement level to where the other 96% will be unsuccessful.”

My first thought was, “What kind of disclaimer was that?” I found when I went back to show the site to a friend of what a scam it was, the website was gone completely.

Make sure to find them and read them. If there is something in the disclaimer that seems weird, well….. need I say more.


Expensive “Props”

While you are watching the presentation, the biggest giveaway to being a scam is all of the expensive props. These being the fast, expensive cars and the luxurious mansions the presenter casually refers to while trying to lure you in.

I have even seen in some presentations where the person kept their old beat-up car as a “reminder” of where they came from………… Oh please!!

I think that I have seen these types of props in 90% of the presentations. I have also seen the luxury yacht in some too.


No Money-Back Guarantees

If there is no way to get your money back, or if it is written in the disclaimer to “make a claim for refund,” that’s a big red flag screaming scam. The one way to gain a secondary protection is to always use a credit card for payment, do not use a bank debit card. 

In some cases, it is harder to resolve a fraud issue when it comes to your bank account, also with your bank account, the money is gone until the bank decides to give it back to you. With a credit card, that’s just it, it’s on credit and the your credit card company will usually work harder and more timely to get fraud resolved.

Unfortunately, the scammers are getting smarter with this. 

They will list offering a money-back guarantee, but they will hide in the long-winded fine print all of the stipulations of the guarantee and it will usually leave you out in the cold with your attempts with trying to recoup your losses.

Always look for a “Unconditional” or “No Questions Asked” guarantee!



Wanting a Payment First

If you are asked for a payment before you see anything physical of what the website wants you to buy….Don’t do it!

If your not sure, make sure to use a credit card, then you can report it as a scam later if it turns out to be one.

The majority of your credit card companies have fraud protection and will reverse the charges on your card and employ their legal team to go after these scam artists.

Never use a Debit Card!!  Cash is harder to recover from your account. Your bank will start an investigation, but will only return your funds once they recover them from whomever your authorized to take your funds from in the first place. This process takes a long time and the result usually results in you losing your money.


Take a Look at a Couple of Scams Exposed

Jim Avila – ABC News





Are There Legitimate Work-at-Home Websites?

Absolutely! Your legitimate websites will offer:

⇒ An Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

⇒ A Risk-Free Trial (with email sign-up)

⇒ Ability to take advantage of what the website offers on a limited basis

⇒ Customer Service, or a help line that you can call 

⇒ Good Internet Reviews


So in your search for “Work-at-Home” opportunities, do you homework. Make sure to look for reviews, and be on “Scam Alert!”


Please leave your comments below. If you have run across a scam, please share it below so that others can watch out for it.


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