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One of the best ways to get your website noticed is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Search engine bubble

A further explanation of this is finding “low competition” keywords that will give you first or second page rankings on all of the search engines.

With Google being the most known and used, picking your keywords are important to gain “organic” (people placing words in the search field to find websites) traffic to bring them to your website.

Bing and Yahoo are also well used sites, but Google is the largest and the most used.



Why Are Keywords Important?

The key here is to find words that have a QSR (Quoted Search Result) of under 100.

When you find that the keywords that you want to use have a QSR of over 100, this means that many of other websites are using these keywords for site ranking.

If your word, or words, that you want to use as search words for your site have a QSR of over 100, it’s just like you being in a crowd of over 100 people screaming, “Pick Me! I have what you are looking for!” Now if you reduce that crowd number, you have better chances of being seen.

On the search engine pages, the lower the QSR, the better you will get ranked. This means that your site can show up on the first page when someone types in their search words for what they are looking for.



How Do I Find Low Competition Keywords?


Jaaxy is an awesome tool that will show you just where the subject, or title words of your website posts or pages will rank in the competition.

You can place your keyword, or words in to see what their QSR is. Jaaxy will also show you keywords that are in direct relation to the original word that you entered with the QSR associated with the keywords that Jaaxy has picked for you as well.

The words that Jaaxy will randomly pick are words, statements, or questions that people have typed in search engines looking for websites in direct reference to the statement or question they entered.

Jaaxy has a highly intellectual internet program that is able to quickly seek out keywords quickly that is reference to the subject matter of what you have published on your site. Some will have very high QSR, and some will not. The ones that don’t are the ones you want.

If you were to attempt to find the appropriate keywords on your own, it could take you hours, or even days. Jaaxy can do this for you in seconds, allowing you to put more time into your website content.


Give it a try and see what you come up with…


Try It Out For FREE!

When you open your FREE account with Jaaxy, you get 30 free searches. The information you gain can accelerate your search engine rankings to the front pages so you can be seen almost immediately.

In addition with your FREE account, you also get FREE training on how to use Jaaxy even more to help your website ranking.

You will find that you can’t live without this incredible tool in your business toolbox. 

After you have exhausted your free searches, you can easily upgrade to the “Pro” version for only $19 per month. Or if you wish, you can upgrade to the “Enterprise” version for $49 per month (usually $69 per month).

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