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You hear and see it almost everyday of how to start an online business and be able to make money overnight. You have seen your email box fill up with “success opportunities” almost everyday. While at the same time when you’re browsing through your favorite websites, “pop-ups” block your sight with how you can work from home and earn thousands from your computer immediately.

The truth of the matter is that “overnight riches” is mythical at best. Many will venture with the thought of wondering how or why it’s not happening as quickly as promised from these “get rich quick” websites, when the truth of the matter is that, on average it takes roughly three months from the start of a web-based business to where the entrepreneur start seeing revenue.


The Though Process of Owning a Business

thinking of businessThere is a proper mindset to have when embarking upon web-based businesses. The unfortunate aspect to this is being that 90% of all internet business start-ups fail within the first 120 days. The three big reasons for this is:

♦Information Overload (trying to process too much, too quickly)

♦The need for instant gratification

♦Lack of Persistence


Another issue in taking that first step toward owning a web-based business is just that, taking that first step.


Fear is the tether that is holding many back from taking that leap of faith and trusting in the ability to do something like this.fear-of-selling

♦Impressionable sources have convinced you that it’s hard to do this.

♦There are so many things to learn

♦Losing money


♦No money to start

♦No technical knowledge

All of these are fears of the ones who never get started.

Knowledge is an important part of getting past fear!



The Business Perspective

There are elements of success to embarking upon a web-based business. It’s a thought process, as well as the proper attitude to have when going about this. If you want to be a business owner, you have to think like a business owner. Regardless if your business is web-based or a “brick and mortar” business.

storefrontBefore I get to the elements of success, let me give you a perspective of what to expect if you were to build a “brick and mortar” business:

♦First you need to find a location, either built or something you have to build. Someplace where you can get “traffic.”

♦Then you need to customize the interior of your business to fit what you plan to sell.

♦Now you have to buy your inventory.

♦Next, is your marketing to bring perspective customers to your business.

♦Best of all, you need to develop a returning customer-base to continue positive cash flow.

How long do you think this will take? Six months? A year?

How much money do you think it will take to get this started? 

Now, three months for a web-based business doesn’t seem like a long time at all. Nor will cost as much.……..Nowhere Near!!!


Elements To a Successful Business

The successful elements to having a great web-based business are such:

♦Take things one step at a time

♦Don’t compare yourself to others

♦Don’t be afraid to ask for help

♦Commit yourself to it

♦Be consistent

♦Be self-disciplined

♦Expect hard work in order to reach your goals

One of the advantages to having a web-based business is that all of your work is done from one place…………………..your computer!

NO Drive time          NO Inventory              A Lot less “over head costs.”


The majority of the work is in research, training, updated training, writing and learning from mistakes.


Now for the great news!

You can get started for FREE!   Yep…..no cost training, website, and support.


You can do the research yourself. I don’t think that you will find a better all-around complete program to get your web-based business started.


Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate FREE for Seven (7) days. At the end of the seven days, you can either upgrade to Premium or stay as a free member. But for $19 the first month and $47 per month thereafter, is the best deal offered to where you can get your web-based business off of the ground with the support of others within the Wealthy Affiliate Community that are accomplished web-based business owners themselves.

You have nothing to lose….. NOTHING!wealthy-affiliate-home


Yes, I am a member as well. You can take a look at my profile and message me personally (screen name: seahawk8058)

When you decide to take a look, I will greet you personally in the profile you will set up previously to entering the community.

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I will also be in contact with you for support and advise. Just make sure that you click on the “follow me” button by my screen name.

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  1. This sounds like THE place to be. it’s hard to find a company that truly cares about your success and will put time in to helping you. So, you say I can start for free? Is there a time limit on how long I can stay for free before I go to premium? Can I stay a free member forever?

    1. Yes, It is the place to be. The active community within Wealthy Affiliate is not only knowledgeable about running a web-based business, but very supportive and available to help you reach success.
      Absolutely you can start for free. If you stay as a free member for longer than seven days, you’ll miss out on the first month of going Premium for $19. But if you decide to stay a free member, you will only have limited access to the large variety of tools and training that Wealthy Affiliate offers. You can still get your web-based business going, but when you go Premium, everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers is at your fingertips to really boost your business to a positive cash flow quicker.

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