Clickbank Labs (CBLabs) Review – 5/10

Clickbank Labs (CBLabs)


Cost:  $47 per month or $397 per year (29% discount)

Owners: Tanner Larson, Los Silva, and Sweeney Daniel

Overall Rating: 5/10


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CBLabs is a training platform for the online entrepreneur.

Training is offered for many online business dynamics:

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Publishing

Sale of Physical Products


CBLabs is “powered” by Tanner and Los through their multi-million dollar business education website Build Grow Scale. Tanner, Los, and Sweeney have put together a fantastic education base on how one is to start their own online business. Through this platform you can learn how to leverage social media, search engine optimization, develop website content, and build a “funnel network” toward having a successful business. It has been broken down into easy to follow steps. CBLabs uses a protected FaceBook group to where you can field questions, be alerted to upcoming webinars, and celebrate successes. 

CBLabs also offers a weekly live conference call, as well as open forum webinars to answer your questions.


What the Advantages Are

Tanner, Los, and Sweeney built this network from the ground up while learning the ins and outs of building successful online businesses. They also have recruited many other successful online entrepreneur contributors to add into the training base, thus offering more informational training to the ones that are just getting started up to one’s that have started and just want to learn more to strengthen there online business.

This program offers a lot of information on every dynamic of an online business.

They have created a fantastic learning environment. The easy-to-learn steps allow you absorb the instruction without thinking the information is “above your head.”

What the Disadvantages Are

One could think that paying $47 per month is not a lot for an education to gain the ability to create an online business. Your right!

But that is all this is, an education. No tools are offered. 

You have to go to URL site like GoDaddy to purchase your website and pay for all of the elements that are needed to run your website. Any an all tools that are recommended, you must purchase them yourself.

Don’t get me wrong. CBLabs is an great site to learn how to build a web business. There is much information and training available from people that have run very successful business on the internet. But this is the only thing that CBLabs offers.

The biggest disadvantage is due to you having to buy all of you tools in addition to the $47 per month could add up. The last time I checked on GoDaddy, the setup for a website was roughly $180 with a monthly charge of $60. This was to include:

Your URL address


A limited amount of pages

A limited amount of Plug-ins

So, you could wind up in the beginning with a lot of money going out and not much coming in to combat the costs.


My Overall Opinion

Greg-headshotThe CBLabs platform can be compared to going back to college. You pick your classes, you buy your books, and you attend regularly. Anything extra that is needed for the class, you have to go out and buy.

I subscribed to their training. I’ll admit, there was a lot of good information that I was learning. But due to the fact of me not having a lot of money to spend, I couldn’t gain what I wanted to. I found my credit cards being used up and no income to bring those balances back down.

The only thing that really turned me off of CBLabs was when the owners would invite me (via email) to attend a free webinar of someone who was very successful in some aspect of an online business, then after 20 or so minutes of a “teaser” of information, if I wanted to know more I would have to pay for it. Usually the cost was over $100.

This is why when I found Wealthy Affiliate, I jumped on it. It offers outstanding training, and the tools to get you up and running. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does offer some tools that you pay for, but you don’t have to buy them to get your business up, running, and profitable.

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