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If you enjoy organizing events, activities, and schedules, this just may be something you can make into a career from home. Many corporations and corporate types look to outsource this type of work in an effort to cut costs. In many cases, this doesn’t support a full-time, on-location employee, thus making an opportunity for someone at home to have the ability to take on multiple clients in order to support a full-time, at home workload.


How to become a Virtual AssistantHow To Become A Virtual Assistant


Price: $49

Owner: Lisa Taliga

Overall Ranking: 6 out of 10


What being a Virtual Assistant is AboutRatings button

This is stated to be a work-at-home business where you are a contractor with the ability to have many clients. In essence, this business model is where you are contracted to do administrative/secretarial duties that companies can outsource. There can be some specifics to the position in the fields of graphic design, bookkeeping, and event planning.

There are some specific tools and talents needed:

  • A computer with a high-speed internet connection
  • A private phone line
  • Experience with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Experience with Google Suite
  • Experience with Microsoft Suite


What this Program Offers

On her website, Lisa offers a FREE E-BOOK:

“The 7 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business” 

If you decide to proceed after reading, Lisa then offers a $49 package ($149 claimed value) which includes:va-ebook

  • The 5 Key Step Manual
  • Start-Up Checklist
  • Hourly Rate Calculation Workbook
  • Business Plan Workbook
  • Marketing Plan Workbook
  • “Interview With a Successful Virtual Assistant” mp3 Audio Interview


What the Advantages Are

It has been stated in financial forecasts and from George Washington University that by the year 2020, it is predicted this will be a $130 billion dollar industry, so there will be room for many to pursue this avenue.

Looking at the industry itself, there are other sites that offering “certification” at a pretty steep price for an industry that doesn’t require it. The only thing I can see that it requires is the necessary skills for this particular outsourcing need. Therefore, this package for the price-point that it offers can give you a “leg-up” in entering this career field without putting you into financial struggle.



What the Disadvantages Are

The first thing that caught my eye with this offering is the owner of this website does not grant any type of money-back guarantee. Listed in this website it is stated that no refunds will be given due to the fact that it is a “high quality digital product.” I can assume you can make the decision whether or not to purchase solely base on the free e-book offering.

In addition, upon researching this field, I found many companies that have a “pool” of Virtual Assistants that can be commissioned causing for someone wishing to enter this field will need to have strong “self-marketing” skills to make a strong go at it.

This website claims of incomes ranging from $45 to $80 per hour. My research found the industry standard approximating income at $9 to $25 per hour and up to $7 per individual task. In addition to this, many companies are outsourcing to Virtual Assistant companies outside of the United States for much cheaper rates. I’m guessing at the old saying….”It’s good work if you can find it,” But depending on your “skill set” it might be a steep hill to climb. But on the other hand, you are not limited to having just one client. If you were to have a multiple clients and yourself having great multi-tasking skills could raise yourself to the wage base this site claims.



My Overall Opinion

Greg-headshotI did give this program a 6 out of 10 just for the mere fact that it offers you a FREE E-BOOK to decide whether or not this is a career path you want to take. I know of people that have taken this path, but they have a specialized “skill set” in a particular field (bookkeeping, graphic design, etc.) that sets them apart from just the general “administrative” field.

I would recommend one that chooses this path start out as secondary, or supplemental at first to create a favorable reputation, then ease into a full-time status if you so choose.

It may take some time to reach yours goals, but with the financial prediction this field is expected to be, it may be well worth your time.


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