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Nerium International has entered into the Anti-Aging Market and is making its mark by their business tactic of sharing and showing proven scientific results. In addition, with social media, you can reach and achieve a customer base easier than ever. Nerium is breaking the mold of your typical Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) format.





Nerium International





Cost:    Entry into being a “Brand Partner” is $499.00 – This investment includes Nerium Product, training, and team support.

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OwnerJeff Olson, Founder and CEO

Overall Ranking 9 out of 10





What is Nerium and being a “Brand Partner” all about?

Nerium launched originally in 2011 with a single skin care “anti-aging” night cream.

Using a prime ingredient extracted from an Oleander plant, coupled with Aloe, Nerium has found to be effective with reduction of facial wrinkles and skin renewal.

Nerium has built an incredibly fast-growing company by focusing now on just five products with huge results in the anti-aging skin care niche.

Within its first four years in existence, it sold more than $1 billion of their product line ranking at number 12  on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list.

The Incorporated 5000 list ranks the fastest-growing companies in America each year. So in 2015, Nerium ranked 12. That’s is extremely impressive for a 4-year company.



What does the market look like for Anti-Aging?

According to Zion Market Research, the anti-aging market posted a revenue of $140.3 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $216.52 billion globally in 2021.


Just to give you the idea of the popularity and demand for these products, Nerium was able to expand into the Canadian and South Korean market. In the South Korean market, Nerium reached $30 million in products sold within four weeks of its launch.


What makes Nerium different from the others?

Unlike Avon and Mary Kay, the market is not saturated with representatives or “Brand Partners,” as they refer to themselves in the United States collectively. The majority of their Brand Partners are to be found in the eastern region, so it can be assumed that there is still a lot of growth to be had in the remaining regions, including Canada as well.

The method or “business model” for this new Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company is not the standard for this arena.

The thought process is to share the product rather than place the emphasis on building a downline like all of the other MLM companies like Herbalife, Shaklee, Amway, and all of the other well-knowns. Although building a downline is encouraged and necessary to increase your revenue income.

This rationale of business is lead by the Founder and CEO Jeff Olsen.


Who is Jeff Olsen?

Jeff Olsen has been a very successful entrepreneur his entire professional career.

In addition to Nerium, he is the owner of “Live Happy” magazine. He has also authored the book “The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success” available in paperback, Kindle, and audio book format.

Jeff is well known and respected in the entrepreneur and business world. His main drive for his success is not only his own happiness, but the happiness of others through success.

What makes Nerium stand alone?

As I mentioned before, Nerium only has five products on the market with targeted focus on the anti-aging dynamic for both men and women. The products include a day cream, night cream, eye cream, body cream, and the last product being a vitamin supplement to aid the brain in keep thought processes and memory intact.

Nerium has defined themselves as a global research and development company in Biotechnology dedicated to offering solutions based on proven science.



06242010-jeff-stock-853x1280One of the key players in Nerium’s latest vitamin supplement to aid and protect brain function and memory stems from 20 years of research conducted by Dr. Jeffry Stock allowing him to discover the EHT molecule found in coffee. This coffee molecule has been found to optimize a key protein in brain health.



With the face and body creams, the same scientific research has been done in addressing the huge popular concern of aging. These creams are designed to boost the cell renewal process.

Nerium’s overall success has been due to this product being well received with great results. Nerium backs up  all their products with a 30-Day money back guarantee, but with only a 1% return rate on all global sales you could say having a guarantee is almost pointless.

Now you may be asking. “Okay, so there is a new product on the market, so what?” and you’re right. You can go into any drug store, make-up counter, or beauty store and find hundreds of anti-aging products on the shelves, what is going to make this one different?

This is one of Nerium Brand Partner selling points, they show the results. Many of the partners have social media pages and show the 30-day results.

You may ask, “Anyone can place a picture on the internet. How do we know that it is not a fake?”

The best thing that I can tell you is that I mentioned that they have only a 1% return rate on their products.


Can you trust the results?


Each Brand Partner always show the results of their clients. It’s the biggest and best selling point Nerium has.



These are just a couple of examples. Nerium highly encourages their Brand Partners to picture-timeline their customers to prove the results of their products.

 You can visit any Brand Partner’s website or social media page and see many “results” pictures posted.


 An Interviemarian-and-hermw with an Experienced Brand Parner

Going a little deeper into the matrix of Nerium, I thought it would be beneficial to actually talk to a Brand Partner to see what the experience is all about.

I sat down and talked with Brand Partner and recently promoted Director, Marian Acon, pictured here with her husband Herman.


I really wanted to find out if everything was on the “up and up” and really challenge the legitimacy of this Nerium opportunity.

I was able to sit down with Marian and ask a few questions about Nerium and herself.

Marian is a retired high school English Teacher, but is still very active in her community, as well as her local school board. Although Marian is retired, she is still very much active and enjoying life as a Grandmother and enjoying travel with her husband Herman. So to Marian, “retired” is only a title.

She was more than happy to answer a few questions:

Q: What attracted you to be a Nerium Representative, or “Brand Partner?”

A: The amazing “real results” products, the generous compensation plan, the unique training program, and the team support.

Q: Do you use the product yourself?

A: Absolutely! I use all of the products every day, because the results are real!!

Q: How fast do you see results with this product?

A: Nerium’s eye serum provides visible results in minutes, and remarkable results in a few months. Nerium AD is a few weeks to a year. Nerium says, “Give us a year and we’ll give you back ten!”

The Nerium firming cream; 60 to 90 days. The Nerium ETH; 60 to 90 days. However, many customers see much quicker results.

Q: How soon did you find yourself in positive financial returns and how did it affect your financial capabilities?

A: I was in positive financial position in six weeks. Nerium is a great supplement to my retirement income.

Q: What do you see in the future for Nerium?

A: The future is limitless. The company is expanding globally. It is only four years old, but is in Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico.

Q: What are the advantages and the disadvantages of being a representative, or “Brand Partner?”

A: Unlimited opportunity, free products from NGB (Nerium gives back), team support, and being able to work from home. The disadvantages that I have found since joining Nerium is there is more customers than my time allows which also affects my ability to immediately help everyone with the Nerium experience. In addition, I can become frustrated with the inability to convince some projects of this great opportunity.

line-break-for-neriumQ: What is the initial investment? …. What do you get for it? …. Can you become a part with no money?

A: There are three levels, but the $499 is the greatest investment. The minimum investment is $49, but it is not encouraged to promote due to it not offering the training and support needed for your success.


Q: What are some of the other success stories involved with this program?

A: Many of my team members have earned free Lexus cars. One has earned a $100k bonus, and some have earned $50k bonuses. Really, the potential is limitless.

line-break-for-neriuminc-500-neriumQ: What is the length of time this program has been in existence?

A: Nerium is four years old and was ranked #12 on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015.



After speaking with Marian, and at the same time seeing her success with being a part of Nerium, I can see where this can be an opportunity for someone that would enjoy this type of self-employment model to either supplement or work part-time if you are an at-home parent, or even the possibility of a full-time career with this company product potential.


 What the Advantages Are

I can see there are many advantages to this type opportunity, especially for someone looking either to supplement their income, or their retirement. As with all of the other brands (Mary K, Avon, Herbalife, and so on), the $499 investment is one of the more affordable offered. Recouping your investment and going well on to profit can definitely be a short road with the strength of the market and the high demand for the “fountain of youth.”

Vanity is practically recession-proof. Why do I say this? I have a good friend that I have known for ten years plus who owns her hair salon. When we were all suffering through this last recession, my wife sustained the loss of many clients in her accounting business due to necessary cost-cutting measures. Many of the client that she lost was in the wine industry that took a large financial hit. But my friend that owns her hair styling business said that she didn’t sustain quite a hard financial hit. She also added that many of her clients may have extended the time between hair cuttings or colorings, but did not eliminate keeping their hair in attractive fashion.

That being said with what I mentioned earlier about the projected growth of the anti-aging market, striking when the iron is hot could be considered an understatement.

With a concentrated five-product line, unlike Avon or Mary Kay, you have a focused market that allows you time efficiency to keep on target. So with this type focus, it will allow you the ability to incorporate your training while “sharing the product” to ensure your success.


What the Disadvantages Are

As with any business venture – you get out what you put in. 

You will see some reviews out there on the internet making arguments stating that Nerium is a scam. I’ve read them. I have also seen where Herbalife, Avon, and Mary Kay is a scam as well. Just to place things into perspective, Avon has been is business for over 100 years, Amway for over 50, and Herbalife for over 30 with other Multi-Level Marketing companies like Tupperware as well. Where am I going with this? You may run into people that automatically think its a scam when it’s not. Any type of company that is built on the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure will adopt negativity. (See my post on MLM companies here)

One of the best ways to measure a company or business venture like this is to look at if the company is in any legal trouble with investing associates or representatives. In addition, if there is a history of a legal suit, see what the outcome was. That will paint the better picture for you.

In most cases of where people have blogged bad reviews or have made scam accusations is where these individuals came from a mindset of as soon as they invested, the money would flow in without much effort. Just remember, a business takes effort…… doesn’t run by itself.

As Marian stated in the question that posed to her about disadvantages, I would say that what she stated is more of a positive disadvantage. When you have high demand, but not enough time, is where team building skills come into play to where you are not only sharing a financial opportunity to others, but to yourself as well.

Lastly, the biggest disadvantage, as with any business venture, is balance of time. This has to be one of the hardest things to master. Being able to balance time with work, family, self-care, and especially if you have a full-time job, is brutal. It is one of my biggest struggles.


My Overall Opinion


As with all of the MLM companies out there, there has to be a product or service that you have to believe in. With the results of the Nerium products that are constantly being shown by the various Brand Partners on their websites or social media posts, it is easy to do.

Also, with the rapid growth of these five products that Nerium makes and sells is staggering. Every new geographical market they go into, the sales are phenomenal. There is no dispute to the financial gain one can make by getting into the “anti-aging” market.

I can definitely see this being an opportunity for the at-home parent or recent retiree introducing this product to their social groups, especially with Nerium’s marketing tactic of sharing rather than selling. Additionally, I could actually see someone making a career from this due to not only the company potential, but with the projected strength of the “Anti-Aging” market.

With how the internet and social media is being used today, having the ability to promote and market is easier and more cost-efficient than ever before. This type of business venture not only allows you to start and grow your business socially with groups that you personally interact with, but also gives you the ability to reach out to many others you may be in contact through use of your own website and Facebook page. If you are not sure about how to start and build your own webpage, I can help you with that – Just click here to find out how for FREE.

After my interview with Marian, Brand Partner Director for Nerium, I asked her if she would be able to make herself available for questions and guidance for readers of She was more than happy to offer herself. You can either ask questions here on this page at the bottom in the “Leave a Reply” section, or you can contact her through her website by clicking HERE.


If you have any comments or would like to share your story, good or bad, please feel free to share them below as well.

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  1. I absolutely love the Nerium face products and firming cream. The face cream has done wonders for the lines on my face and cheeks. Within two weeks, I noticed a difference in the way my skin looked and felt. The firming cream has helped me tone/shape up in the unwanted areas. I highly recommend the products!

    1. Thanks Karie,
      Glad to hear that you like and are using the products.
      This will ensure that anyone that becomes a “Brand Partner” knows they will be representing a quality product that is in demand.
      Thanks for your comments.

    1. Thanks Marta,
      I am glad to hear that you endorse Nerium.
      This is a product line that is worth the investment in both yourself and for anyone wishing to run their own business as a “Brand Partner.”
      Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

  2. I joined Nerium before even using the product because Jeff Olson is an icon and an MLM visionary. I saw Brand Partners earning cash bonuses, iPads and Lexus vehicles, not to mention the phenominal transformation of their skin in before and after pictures! Once my husband anf I tried the product we fell in love with the simplicity and real results! Fast forward almost 3 years later, I myself have earned cash bonuses, an iPad and a free Lexus, my next step with Nerium is a $50,000 bonus!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing with us. This is proof-positive is the classic “win-win” situation. Be able to promote Nerium through the self use of the product is the greatest promotion. Jeff Olsen is phenomenal. What I like the most about him, is through my investigative research, I have found no evidence of negative business tactics, fraud, scams, or legal trouble.
      That is so incredible the success that you have had with being a Brand Partner with Nerium. Keep up the great work!
      Please feel free to keep us posted on your future successes with Nerium.
      I love hearing the SUCCESS stories.

      Thanks so much for commenting Rhea.

  3. NeriumAD is a game changer when it comes to anti aging. The results are fantastic and are REAL!!! With their 30 day money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose! My favorite product is the EHT which is a brain health supplement! I had results in just a few weeks with sleeping throughout the nite and waking in the morning ready for the day and not wanting to hit that snooze button! My energy level and focus with my everyday tasks have been life changing! I absolutely love Nerium and would highly recommend it!

    1. That is fantastic to hear! Jeffry Stock’s research and discovery of the EHT molecule upped the stakes in brain and memory health. It only adds to the incredible advances in anti-aging.
      That is fantastic to see the improvements in your sleep, energy, and focus levels.
      Nerium has really brought some awesome products to the market.

      Thank you Megan so much for your comments.

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