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Hi, I’m Greg.

I am your host in kick-starting your new career on that enormous world called the Internet.Greg-headshot

I have been punching the “time clock” for a long time now. Like you, I have been looking for a way to start my own business. I found myself suckered, scammed, or given financial promises that always fell short. I was finding myself working harder with no reward, let alone getting closer to my goal of working for myself.

Many of these “work from home” opportunities were not what they were cracked up to be. I found myself spending money that I really didn’t have. These were some of the routes I have tried:

  • Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)
  • Drop Shipping
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Social Media Advertising


I found something legitimate…. Internet Affiliate Marketing!

I knew really nothing about this when I took a chance on it. Now, I’m so happy that I did.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate and found the training that I needed. The tools to do this are included in the membership, as well as instant answers from Internet Marketing Gurus to mentor me through this. This is what I was looking for.

Now I get to enjoy a second income on its way to be my primary income. Soon my commute will only involve footsteps to my office downstairs (stopping first at the coffee pot).

It’s not easy to find trust.

That is why I have this website. I know what it is like to try to navigate through all of those internet ads trying to find out what and who to trust. This is my way of “Paying it Forward” to help others not waist their time like I did trying to find financial success.

In addition, I will also share other avenues and resources that I have found with you. Keep checking in for the latest posts where I have found “pearls” that are usually free to aid you in your success in Internet marketing.


With that said, let me earn yours.

As with anyone thinking of entering into the Internet Marketing field, finding where to start is one of the hardest. There are many so-called “gurus” out there willing to take your money and give you little to no proper instruction of how to start. I was in the same boat.

Take a look at the different reviews that I have made as well as how easy and cost-effective it is to get started. You can’t get a more cost-effective method than FREE. Take a look.


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