A Great Demand for Digital Marketers

Do you enjoy social media and are looking for a career that you can start and continue from home?

Whether you are fresh out of college, an at-home parent, or want to stop punching that clock, the demand for Digital Marketers are, and will be in great demand.

Right now, the demand for skilled individuals in Digital Marketing is predicted at 150,000 by the year 2020.

With the continual evolution of E-Commerce Business, Social Media, and Internet interaction, thisecommerce_web_development job market will always in search for skilled individuals that can pull in more of those “surfers” and turn them into “spenders.”

You might be thinking to yourself, “How can I do this?” or “There is way too much to learn?” And of course, the question that always plagues us, “How much is it going to cost before I can have an income?”

Here is the great news……… You don’t have to know everything, you just need to be specialized in certain, or multiple skill sets of your choosing.

Here is an overview of what Digital Marketing is from SAS, one of the leading marketing software makers:

This is the best way to “nutshell” Digital Marketing. It can seem overwhelming in the beginning. It was to me. As I slowly trained, I was able to gain a grasp on things and slowly implement them into my website.

As you get further along, you can be more specific with the skills that you want to focus on that can make you more marketable in the Digital Marketing field.


Here is a small list of particular skills that marketing companies are looking for:

SEO Specialist/Inbound Marketer

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) are still the most used vehicles to find information on the web. Learning Search Engine Optimization is still the “King” of digital marketing. Having the knowledge of proper Inbound Marketing brings that extremely valuable “traffic” to a website. Just to give you an idea of the importance of this facet of Digital Marketing, I have included a “beginner” training video on SEO just to give you an idea.

Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate


PPC Executive

Pay-Per-Click is a highly valuable skill. This is where if you are a math and statistics whiz (mixing in a good strategy), you can really become valuable. PPC is the most effective way to lead targeted traffic to where you want them to go. You also want to be able to achieve the lowest price per click that you can.


Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate
Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate


Content Manager

If you enjoy writing, this might be your skill while adding a bit of digital marketing focus, you may want to market yourself with this. Having the ability to write content that is attractive to the many search engine algorithms to where your content finds high, first page ranking on the popular search engines is key.

Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate
Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate


UX Designer and Developers

Do you like the idea of building websites and building a website that keeps people coming back for more? UX is the initials for “User Experience.”

Website architecture, being able to use it with ease, fast click response, and overall experience is what all businesses are looking for in a website design.

Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate
Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate


Zara Burke, Digital Marketing Executive
Zara Burke, Digital Marketing Executive

Read the Article “The Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills for 2015”

written by Zara Burke, Digital Marketing Executive for Digital Marketing Institute

Her article gives a further breakdown of the fields that I mentioned, as well as links to find out how to develop these skills. 



Kyle Loudoun is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Wealthy Affiliate and provider of the training videos used on this site.

Click here to see truewebcareer.com’s review of Wealthy Affiliate.


How Much Time Will This Take? At What Cost?

According to OnlineU in their article “2016 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Marketing Degrees,” the top 25 most affordable colleges range from $4,150 to $12,275 per year in annual tuition for a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, with a claim that completion can be made within three years.

That would be a minimum cost of  $12,450, as well as three years of dedicated time to achieve this.

Now, I’m not knocking a college education at all. As a matter of fact, I think having a college education is a fantastic accomplishment and absolutely worth it. I have one myself.

But in some cases, one may already have a degree, but is looking to do something else and going back to school for another three or four years may not be attractive. In addition, the financial ability to meet this price tag may not be available.

One other point that needs to be made is the fact that many of these classes are not in real time. By the time you learn all of this, although the basics of the education are sound, you will still be behind the curve.

The evolution of the internet, technology, and trends are constantly changing to where marketing strategies have to adapt constantly as well. Therefore, one needs to find appropriate education that has immediate application and the adaptability to evolve with this field.

I have found that many have the thought process that re-educating in the traditional sense is the only way to have an establishment in any given career or work field. But when it comes to technology and making money, the internet has become a true game changer to where education is constant to keep up. Because of this, you have to find some form of continuous education in a group of like-minded others to bounce and share ideas.


So, What Are the Salaries In Digital Marketing?

Marketingterms.com lists salaries of a variety of positions in the Digital Marketing field starting from entry level up to executive level.

The salaries are attractive with a beginning salary of $48k with the ability to achieve up toward the $140k level.



Let’s Keep You At Home

This market does list a very attractive pay scale. But remember, I offer information of opportunities for you to work at home, not in the typical commute to a location for a “9 to 5” job.

Having your computer and the internet at the ready allows you to enter into real-time training, meaning that you are not only receiving the “building blocks” of Digital Marketing, but you can also apply them as you learn.

Back in the day before the internet, college post-graduates had to either start in their respective fields as an intern, making minimum wage with a slow climb to a desired position, or spend the first few years scraping by trying to break in somehow with no guarantee of success. The largest obstacle to get over was during the job interview process, being that the interviewer would end with, “You have the training, but you don’t have the experience.” Thus making it quite difficult to get a desired job position.

Now, with the internet at your fingertips and several tools at the ready, you can easily prove your worth immediately after you have established yourself.

The internet is in full swing with endless possibilities, meaning (like I said earlier) you can build your experience while you train. Believe it or not, you could actually make some money during this process.

There are several avenues that you can follow to do this at home. There are expensive ones and there are inexpensive ones, there are even ones that are FREE!

Just remember, the Digital Marketing industry is not so much weighted on someone who has a portfolio of training certificates, it’s more weighted on results and proof of results.


Give the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep

Training and Experience At Little or No Cost

As I mentioned before, using traditional collegiate methods to get into this field on the cheap side can cost in upwards of over $12,000 annually. In addition, you have to adjust your life to accommodate class schedules and drive to locations. You also may be thinking that you can go to an online college and work at your own pace and schedule. You’re right, but the costs are a bit cheaper for this. According to Collegecalc.org, the annual tuition is approximately $9500. But again, you are learning a prescribed curriculum that might keep you behind the curve of the continuous evolution of the Internet.

There are many online training programs that aren’t as expensive, some are even FREE. There is a lot offered by Google that are free as well.

I personally know what it is like to think about embarking into something unknown. The last thing you want to do is go into a ton of debt trying to make an extra income. I defeats the purpose.

We don’t have money just to throw at an adventure like this, so getting the “best bang for the buck” is what I look for.

Before I started doing this, I tried several methods and found myself having to stop because I was paying out way too much with little to no return. But I didn’t give up. I found some online training programs that are affordable to get you started.

Here is a small list of online training programs:

Clickbank Labs ($47/mo): This program has a lot of education to offer. It is run by successful entrepreneurs. (See truewebcareer’s review here)

Clickbank University ($47/mo): This is similar to Clickbank Labs but is run by another team of successful entrepreneurs.

Indemandcareer.com ($97/mo): A program offering a 10-hour crash training with forum support.

Wealthy Affiliate (FREE): This program offers training, tools, support, and offers free websites. You can upgrade to their Premium Membership for $49/mo. This is where I am a member and it offers everything to get you started and help you continue to grow. Check out my review on wealthyaffiliate.com.



Showcase Your Ability and Experience

If you were to join a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, you would be able to “work as you learn.” Meaning, you will be able to put together a website while you are learning what makes it work.

In addition, you will be able to learn and experience all of the different elements of how to evolve your website to a desired performance level, as well as, learn about how to use Google Analytics to continually measure your website’s performance.

Generally speaking, with this pathway, you are doing on-the-job training.

You could either stay in the arena of profiting from your own website, or you can use your successful website as a “resume tool” to prove your value in the Digital Marketing Field. If you wish to specialize yourself in any one of the fields that I mentioned before, you can gear your website accordingly with Google Analytics to prove it.

With this type of real-time hard proof of your skills and abilities will place you on any digital marketing radar. It will also give you the choice of either free-lancing your work from home, or if you wish, becoming a regular employee.



Greg-headshotA Word In Closing

We all have realized the internet has become the superhighway of information. Research, commerce, current events, and entertainment can be easily accessed from a single portal from which mostly everyone does. This is the future and it will constantly evolve to where it’s information will reach the masses effortlessly.

With that being said, the future of Digital Marketing has endless potential, and for someone who wishes to embark on this career path has a multitude of options. You can do this from home as a freelancer, a telecommuting employee, or as a business owner with one or multiple websites.

If you are just starting out from college, wanting to be an at-home parent, or looking for a new career, it is hard to be able to initiate or change direction in a cost-efficient manner.

The options that I have mentioned in this post are by far some of the most cost-efficient and cost effective routes one can take to achieve their goals.

I will be blogging more on how Google gives FREE digital certifications. This can bolster your resume even more…..if you choose.


Please leave your comments below, either good or bad. All are welcomed.

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